ADP (Assistive Devices Program)

Communication Aids

What kinds of communication aids are funded by the Assistive Devices Program (ADP)?

  • communication display boards
  • electrolarynges
  • speech generating devices
  • voice amplifiers
  • voice restoration and speaking valves
  • writing aids
  • adaptive devices to help people access writing and speech aids

What kinds of communication aids are not covered by ADP?

  • devices required for only one purpose (school, work, sports, recreation or social activities)
  • environmental control units/devices
  • items purchased outside of Ontario
  • regular or adaptive telephones
  • used equipment unless the equipment is from an ADP authorized equipment pool.

Who can apply?

Individuals with a long-term physical disability who require the use of a communication aid for six months or longer and have a valid Health Card issued in their name.

ADP does not pay for equipment available under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or Group ‘A’ veterans for their pensioned conditions.

Individuals who cannot speak or whose speech is very hard to understand, may apply for a speech aid such as:

  • a communication display board
  • an electrolarynx
  • a speech generating device
  • a voice amplifier

Individuals who cannot write may apply for a writing aid, such as a specialized computer system.

How do I apply for ADP funding?

First time applicants must be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner. The physician or nurse practitioner will confirm your need for a communication aid. If you have received ADP funding for a communication aid in the past, go directly to an ADP registered authorizer for an assessment.

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